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Packages that use Tags
net.fortuna.mstor Contains JavaMail implementations and metadata definitions for this provider. Contains JavaMail search terms and utilities. 

Uses of Tags in net.fortuna.mstor

Methods in net.fortuna.mstor that return Tags
 Tags MStorMessage.getTags()
          Returns tags associated with this message.

Uses of Tags in

Methods in that return Tags
 Tags TagsTerm.getTags()

Constructors in with parameters of type Tags
TagsTerm(Tags tags)
          Creates a new term that matches messages that contain all the specified tags.

Uses of Tags in net.fortuna.mstor.tag

Methods in net.fortuna.mstor.tag that return Tags
 Tags Taggable.getTags()
          Returns all associated tags.
static Tags Tags.getTags(javax.mail.Message message)
          Returns the tags associated with the specified message.

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